Feb. 16th, 2008

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So I'm sittin' here checking mail & I hear k'thunk, k'thunk outside, look out, & see a guy pulling on all the door handles of cars, going car to car up 14th. Now, Nicole's old car had her window smashed & stuff taken & then the whole thing (her old Acura) got stolen later, so seeing this, I thought for a second, grabbed my phone, called the cops, and gave them all the details I could as I saw him headin' up, get in a station wagon & rummage, & then turn around at the block & just come down the other side, doing the same thing, trying doors. Like 5 min. later, cops call me back, got the guy another block down after my description & all, and asked me to just ID him real quick down where they found him, drove me there, shined the lights in his face so he couldn't see me; but yup, that was the guy, stupid purple hoodie & all!

And off to jail the drunk, belligerent car-breaker-in-er went. One nice bonus of living 2 blocks away from a police station, plus all the cops were really cool & said they'd contact the owner of the station wagon to see if any of the stuff recovered off the guy was theirs & let 'em know a friendly neighbor tipped 'em off & had their back.

14th Ave. represent! :D


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