Jul. 1st, 2008 10:50 am
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So [ profile] antje23 pointed me to Sean's ([ profile] glis) post about Andrea (his early bandmate & friend, I met at the first show he mentions there, at ye olde Catbox). In case anyone else I know knew her & hadn't seen it, here ya go:

She was one of the sweetest people I'd ever met. My sympathies go out to Sean & his brother Kevin. I know they both were close to her for some time, I'm sure they're in shock, too. I lost touch w/ her around 2005-2006 I'd guess, we bumped into each other from time to time & caught up when we did; but this was rough to read. I wished nothing but the best for her, she was a personality like no other.

Sad news, kinda stunned right now, ugh...
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Ok, again, at least [ profile] machine_logic should still appreciate this...
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(update: swapped out the embedded one 'cause it auto-plays, and that really WAS annoying)


May. 2nd, 2008 12:01 pm
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Done in Something Awful fashion.
This is all you need to know...
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I'm sure [ profile] antje23 has posted much more than I have (and likely ever will, being she still loves LJ & I have been a total burnout for like 2 years), but here's something I just sent a few other folk:

I was wondering when/if I’d get any cultural insights on this trip, and I realized today I finally learned something: women here are taller.

… and often blond.

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Good Photoshop Phriday this week, but ya, this is my standout...

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So I'm sittin' here checking mail & I hear k'thunk, k'thunk outside, look out, & see a guy pulling on all the door handles of cars, going car to car up 14th. Now, Nicole's old car had her window smashed & stuff taken & then the whole thing (her old Acura) got stolen later, so seeing this, I thought for a second, grabbed my phone, called the cops, and gave them all the details I could as I saw him headin' up, get in a station wagon & rummage, & then turn around at the block & just come down the other side, doing the same thing, trying doors. Like 5 min. later, cops call me back, got the guy another block down after my description & all, and asked me to just ID him real quick down where they found him, drove me there, shined the lights in his face so he couldn't see me; but yup, that was the guy, stupid purple hoodie & all!

And off to jail the drunk, belligerent car-breaker-in-er went. One nice bonus of living 2 blocks away from a police station, plus all the cops were really cool & said they'd contact the owner of the station wagon to see if any of the stuff recovered off the guy was theirs & let 'em know a friendly neighbor tipped 'em off & had their back.

14th Ave. represent! :D
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As weird as I consider you, I figure you'll appreciate this.
(My apologies if it's like a year old, ya never know w/ the internets...)
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Other than sorting my socks alphabetically by color, I've been being paid to make a game I couldn't tell any of you about this whole time! ;)

So we FINALLY announced! This Is Vegas:

Site's not quite updated, and is doing FIVE DAYS of stuff for us this week, so tune back in each day to see some more!

It's going to be a really cool game & very different than anything else out there I think. Think GTA minus thugging it up & killing lots of people and plus partying. We have an awesome writer who has done a helluva job with that part, the script & things being done are often ridiculously hillarious (which is why we hired him, Jay Pinkerton: I'd especially suggest checking out his comic-book re-writes:

Anyhow, keep tuning in, and YAY, I can FINALLY TALK TO YOU PEOPLE ABOUT THE GAME! ;)

Also: go Giants!
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Happy Friday, all:

Evan wins!

Jan. 27th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Evan Lysacek just beat Johnny Weir by a nearly impossibly small margin.
Fuck the Super Bowl, good just triumphed over evil. Fuck yeah...

(for those that know what I'm talking about, high five, everyone else who goes & Googles it, ya, this is an awesome moment to me, I don't care what you think, that was freaking awesome, and you are a bad person if you judge me for getting excited. A bad, bad person. Like Hitler bad. Just sayin'...)
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[Error: unknown template video]
Um, ya.
Rave cats *shrug*

Ok, to elaborate on my thinking, I want to see this, but with cats:

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I blame the metric system.
(note/warning: this is disturbing, and according to 2nd hand sources, aired during all hours of the day... jeebus...)

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So before the boring parts, just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to some more Rockband-ing this Fri. with people, practicing as much as I humanly can right now it feels like, and while I'm definitely improving on drumming in particular, I still feel like there's so much more to do (& I haven't even touched singing yet, Nicole has), but ya, fun stuff.

Anyhow, we just posted a job.
Most of the job's we've had for a while aren't all that exciting (like we've had a Lead Tools Programmer position open for... I dunno, forever), but if anyone (or anyone that knows someone) is interested, LMK & I'll see what I can do of course:


Surreal Software (a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc.) has a new opportunity opening for a smart and innovative programmer to help develop the audio system code of our unannounced, multi-platform, action/adventure game project that pushes the envelope with innovative gameplay and storyline.

• Work with our talented team to implement our cutting-edge audio systems, including:
o World and character audio triggers
o Special effect audio triggers
o Voice-over, chatting, and ambient dialog systems
o Realtime audio effects processing
o Audio streaming and loading
o 3D audio spatial positioning, volume control, and HRTF
o Audio editing Tools
o And much more!
• Focus on memory and performance requirements for next-gen console systems.
• Refactor and improve upon existing source code whenever possible.
• Manage core audio components for multiple game projects.

• Prior experience working in the game industry or similar required.
• Prior experience with audio programming and audio APIs required.
• Excellent communication and writing skills.
• Highly self motivated.
• At least 2 years experience with C/C++.
• Strong code architecture and design skills.
• Excellent Perforce skills or similar source control system.
• Legal U.S. work authorization required.
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.
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Wow, crazy story we just came across at work.
Albq. folk, feel free to go hassle spikey-glasses if you run into this odd ass:
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[ profile] poh, amongst others, should enjoy...

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Thanks, Photobucket, that was easy... (couldn't get the wrong link to do the image inline in that last post, durrr)

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Ok, so I have a ton of stuff on order, I found out one piece isn't going to make it on time (Nov. 1) which is upsetting, but a minor accessory.

Question I have for people is this: anyone know where I can purchase (in Seattle area)
* A big-ass sword (I have a 54" bladed claymore en-route from eBay, but fucker took waaaaay too long to ship it & I don't think it's gonna even be close)
* Colored contact lenses (& by that I don't mean corrective hazel, I have these coming from the UK, but can't tell if they'll be here either):

The big-ass sword is more important, but also important that it not be a $250 historical reproduction (nor the $350+ restored period weapons) I found at a place in Federal Way. I'm probably going to paint the thing anyway (hence why the giant eBay sword for roughly $40 worked great... if it was going to be here before like Thanksgiving) *sigh*

Anyhow, LMK people if you know of either of the above & rock on...
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