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Here's the super overdue Olympics report, before I start forgetting it all, myself, hah!

Day 1 (2/15): we headed up early Mon. morning, worried that the border would suck, it didn't, we got our car searched this trip up, but it was Scooty Puff Jr., so it didn't take long to search the Smart ;)  30 min. probably total time getting through.  Got up to Vancouver, picked up tickets at will call, and wandered around downtown a bit.  Since we didn't know where to park, we dropped $20 on "event parking" right near Pacific Collesseum, watched the pairs final, the top 3 sure were the best 3 (2 Chinese & the 1 German couple), was up in the nosebleeds, but didn't even mind/notice.  There was a kid sitting in front of me that was totally ADD and hyper, kept rocking as hard as he could back & forth in his chair.  His dad mercifully chilled him out eventually.  We headed back across the border that night, stayed at the Silver Inn Casino near Blaine, as that was the only place we could book for that night.

Day 2 (2/16): back across the border, each trip across back & forth was about 5 min. crossing the border, was amazing.  Anyhow, headed up & parked in a lot & took the train into town & bus back to the Collesseum for Men's Short Pogram.  It was also awesome, we sat 6 rows back & could see all the skaters getting on/off the ice, was really cool.  We sat right in front of Jeremy Abbott's parents, they guessed (rightly) that I'd been skater & we chatted about Colorado Springs and coaches we all knew, etc., was really neat to meet them & the rest of his family... then he had his worst skate of the year, awwkwaaard.  Headed back home, got in at like 12:30, and worked Wed./Thurs.

Day 3 (2/19): zipped up to the same giant parking area & trained into town, checked in w/ Samesun Backpacker's hostel, had them keep our tickets in their safe, but this was the only day as it turned out that we shared a room w/ 4 other folks, 2 were asleep really early, the other 2 came in super late, there was partying out in the street all night right in front of our place, but we had to get up early next day for our trip up to Cypress for Ladies' Aerials freestyle skiing.  This (Fri.) night we had compulsory dance, too, and for those that don't know, it's everyone doing the same dance all night, so you get really good at that song after you watch 20+ couples skate it; but was really neat to see the differences of the great dancers vs. the ... less great. ;)

Day 4 (2/20): we were one block away from the bus-stop we needed to catch to get up to the park & ride for the Cypress shuttle, but we couldn't find it, so we cabbed i this morning (to the Cypress park & ride), it's about 40 min. to Cypress, got to see those ladies flying like 50 feet in the air, was nuts!  This was our only afternoon off, so we visited the torch and waited in line over an hour to get into the German team fan-house, but once we did, it was totally worth it (met lots of poeple, had good beer and watched the rest of the days' events on giant screens at big long tables).

Day 5 (2/21): Similar day to 3, we hit the Original Dance that night (that's the folksy ne), was fun to see all the couples from all around the world with different takes on either their own nationality's folk music, or another's (i.e. a French team does a cowboy/cowgirl routine).  We tended to spend a lot of time at the bar at the hostel after our day was "done," we'd wander Granville and Robson, every night was a big ole party, and we had to deal with the USA beating Canada in hockey around here.  ;)  I still wore my flag around on my back the whole time, Canadians were all pretty cool & friendly.  Anyhow, we'd wander the mardi-gras-esque crowds and then head in to the hostel where it was convenient (and relatively cheap) to unwind.  Beer/wine at the venues, themselves, were all $7+, for cheap beer.  Was off to bed & ready for the next day then, was great to have our private room the rest of the trip, shared bathoom right near our room was all fine, too.

Day 6 (2/22): another very similar oneto day 5 here, watched the dance final & boy people sure loved the Canadian couple who won.  I liked Davis and White, our best U.S. team, I thought they could have won it, but hey, 2nd ain't bad!  As we're sitting there, I looke 4 seats down the aisle and right behind us is my old coach (Kathy Casey) who we were hoping to meet up with anyway, but then she's sitting right there in our section hanging out there out of the 10,000 seats she could have picked!  So was too cool, got to chat w/ her about the dancers as she was taking notes on how to help the U.S.'s teams and describe how good the other teams were (she works with the ISU & US teams to try to make the US's teams stronger).  Was really cool to see her perspective on all the teams & catch up w/ her, amazing.

Day 7: also about the same routine, we hop our bus to Pacific Collesseum after having some awesome donner (like gyro meat in a pita, yum!) and watched Ladies' short program from the nosebleeds again.  I was so impessed with Mao Asada, but Yu-na Kim just dominted the scores, like shattering her own previously set world record in the short & then the long.  It was very cool to see ALL the skaters, too--for those that don't know, TV airs all of like 1/4th of the total skaters.  And yes, some of the bottom most girls aren't that good or competitive, but you get to see the up-&-coming skaters & katers from all over the world that you just otherwise don't if you're not there in person!  I highly recommend any fans of any of these events go sometime in your life if you can.

Day 8: this one was another 6 a.m. morning and a crazy run-around.  The night before we dropped off most of our bulky bags & clothes at Scooty Puff Jr. & parked Scooty at the Whistler park-&-ride that night & bussed to our room.  So we bus back to park-&-ride, head up to Whistler (about 1:30 shuttle time), more long lines (oh ya, we had a crap ton of lines everywhere we went, from restaurants to events, oi).  We get through security & head up a ski lift to Women's Giant Slalom.  We got to watch Lindsey Vonn break her pinky right as she came into view of all us spectators.  Still banged our cowbells & waved our flags, but Julia Mancuso had that drama then about having to re-run her run and be way down in the rankings.  Was too bad for the U.S., but cool for us to get to see Whistler.  We then shuttle back to park & ride, move to the Cypress park & ride again, and head up for the women's aerials final, which was in the fog and bright lights as they did it after dark.  It was eerie & surreal, but super-fun & the Aussie that won held off a really tough trio of Chinese girls, their (Aussie) fans went NUTS!  I started feeling a bit run down at this point, and thought my throat might have been a bit raw from all the cheering, but turns out the next day I was darned sick (& still getting over it a bit), but thankfully it was after all our events & we were on our way back.  Got in about 12:30 yet again, and Nicole worked from home that next day & I called in sick unfortunately, but was on my feet again & back at work like normal; but we have a ton of pins, clothes, stories, and amazing memories we brought back.  Again, if you ever have a chance to go to an Olympics, do it, and to it up right, we sure did and I hope we can again some time!
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Cross-posting from FB so LJ-only types know I'm still alive. Here's what not to do:

That should now become an enternal catch phrase. Read all about it here:
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I should try not to do that at work... The link is for the nerdier folk out there, from the WTF D&D: Monster Manual II on SA, but the below is for anybody that's ever taken a #5...

Zack: I understand your motivation, a half-eaten burger will haunt you forever, but why do you think they were bad hamburgers?
Steve: What bathroom number is it when you barf?
Zack: I don't know. Three, I think.
Steve: Okay after the softball game I did a number five.
Zack: I'm guessing that wasn't a three and two ones.
Steve: I looked like someone stepped on a packet of barbecue sauce and both ends busted.
Zack: Those sound like bad hamburgers.
Steve: Worst hamburgers.
Zack: Monster Manual II is the worst hamburger.
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Didn't really notice this so much while watching it, but the video makes it pretty clear:

Had a great time hanging out w/ everyone watching, etc., and need to see those last 2 episodes... but really, unless there's more Anna Paquin boob, I can probably just wikipedia what happened & feel caught up enough for season two of Anna Paquin boobs...
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So what are the best nerdy movies of our lives?
I'm watching Krull, and I'm hard-pressed for a better AD&D type movie (even though it never references THAC0, I know). Others? Willow?
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And whoever else (while I've got Semagic up & rolling...)
This dude could definitely kick your ass.

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So great show last night, but this bit... which was their traditional 15 min. or so of straight assault on the audience near the end, I cannot possibly describe the sight, sound, and feel of it. Good times.

They seemlessly "wove" that into whichever nifty melodic track it was before it suddenly began & ended just as suddenly back to the track, guess this was and is a trademark of theirs; but ya, nothing really prepares you, loudest show ever (raves/noise/industrial/metal put to shame) heh... also, this:


Apr. 9th, 2009 04:05 pm
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So ya, back from our trip to Puerto Vallarta, and it was awesome, we did next to nothing and it was everything I could have hoped for (often alternated between beers on the beach & margaritas by the pool, awesome).

[ profile] antje23 made an awesome post of part 1 of the trip or whatever, I'm sure most (maybe all?) of you could go read that there since I'm a lazy horrible LJ-er these days; but did recall it's been a LONG time since I posted & just figured I'd pop in.

Lots of news on my work's fate (Midway, our parent company, is in Chpt. 11 bankruptcy that's working its way through the courts right now), should have some news I CAN talk about fairly soon, but it looks to be really good for our studio, if nothin' else.

I'll try to pop on more often & at least skim posts 'cause I really do miss a lot of you that I don't see much anymore; but I think I also say that every few posts--still not like the old days where I'd spend half my work-day on here & kept up on everything from everyone; but that's probably a good thing as I'm not going to get fired for doing so, either. ;)
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Thank you internets, for always having exactly what I need, copyright free...

Despite the freak out Nicole participated in a little bit ago, LJ seems to still be alive, and so am I. That's about all, oh, and my company is still afloat for the time being, I guess Midway gets 'til next month to figure out what to do with our huge outstanding debts that are being called in 20-ish years early due to a change in control of our majority stockholder a couple months ago. Whateva'. Hope everyone's been well, just making sure this thing's still on.
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Alaska -> Human Turkey.

Plus the embed worked! Edit: nope, only in Semagic's preview does it work, whatever...
Language is NSFW, but fuck it, neither is reading LJ for most folk... :P
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The Deus Ex song at the end was worth it alone.
... not like they aren't all good, all the time, though... and embed just doesn't wanna work... boo...
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Hey, glad that President thing's over.
Still time for shit like this, though:
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You can see the angels singing just out of the top right.
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Probably making the rounds of the interweb as I speak, but since it just came my way from work, I figure I don't want some of you, my trusted companions (whose journals I sadly admit that I never read 'cause I almost got fired since when I did keep up regularly--I didn't do much work), to miss out. So ya, here it is:


Aug. 28th, 2008 12:10 pm
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So it's on once again! Should be fun again this year as always, [ profile] synabetic will be sorely missed, but I understand the woes of making it down here now, but we'll be thinkin' of ya!

Plans so far...
  • Pre-PAX Rockband 2 party at the Garage, invitation only as it's already overflowing with industry people.

  • Should arrive at the event center either early afternoon (if I take a half-day off work) or 5:30-6:00 if I don't (boo).

  • Elysian is supplying us once more with a quarter-barrel of fine brew, this time: Pale Ale.

  • I should be home any time after 12:00am (most likely before!) for Rockband and/or Castle Crashers! (which I downloaded last night, but have yet to play)

  • Same deal, will likely do brunch and/or hanging out at the show in the afternoon, 12:00am-on = Rockband & beer.

  • Depends how I feel! (since we have Mon. off) If I'm up for it, most likely [ profile] machine_logic amongst others DJing that night at Merc as I recall.

Speaking of, have had an annoying sinus deal the last couple of days, mostly just means my energy is down & grumpy-ness is up slightly, doing better today, but may still try to take things a bit easier than usual just to make sure I don't have to bail on any plans. :\ Famous last words, though (i.e. "take things a bit easier," usually jinxes me) ;)

Most of ya that know me have cell-contact info., if worried, holla' & I'll try to get it to ya.

See you all around!
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Trying to stop drug dealers.
And his 16 year old user-ex-girlfriend. Awesome.
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I could not be more proud of Nastia & ... well, also Shawn. :)

Just goes to show we make way better 16+ year olds than China... with their fucking 11 year olds. Suck it.
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Love it when Google tosses you a gem like this for seemingly no good reason.

I give you all: Hookers for Jesus.

Tron 2

Jul. 29th, 2008 11:59 am
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Shakeycam from SDCC.
At least The Dude is back (and I hear he abides).
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